Celebrating Christmas in New York


I have this friend named Leanne, one of my closest friends from Sydney, and whenever she talked about New York she would throw her hands against her chest as if she was seeing the most romantic proposal happen right before her eyes. “Oh! Can you even imagine? Christmas in New York!! I have to go! I have to come visit you, and we can be just like Sex and the City!”

And I would always laugh at her. My best friend Lydia would say the same thing to me — ”Christmas in New York, Allie! How amazing!” — and so would almost anyone I met: Spending Christmas in New York was like a dream.

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The Sydney Siege


When I moved back home and would talk to people about Sydney, they would ask me what about Sydney made me consider living my life there or still yearn to live there. My answer was always the same: Not only is Sydney beautiful and clean, but — aside from the spiders of course —it is an incredibly safe and family-friendly city.

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7 Tips on How to Plan Your Travels


When readers write me, they tend to ask me all about the logistics of a trip – how do you plan your travels? How do you go about saving for your travels? How do you go about traveling in general.

Travel isn’t as easy as it seems, but getting yourself out the door is half the battle. I have a antique-looking map that is framed above my bed. There are times when I look at that map and I feel so small and so dwarfed. My eye wanders to Sydney, and there is literal an entire planet between there and here.

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My First Thanksgiving home and What I’m Thankful for


In all the years I’ve been traveling and living overseas (or Stateside cities and towns that were quite a distance from Brooklyn), there were always some times that were harder than others to be so far from my family and my friends. I often found that when I was not feeling well – be it a simple cold or the flu – I felt quite homesick, but usually the most difficult times of all was the holidays.

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Where to Travel Next?


Whenever people see me or meet me for the first time and get to know my story, they all eventually ask me one question: Do you think you’ll stick around for a while?

I’ve long been the elusive Bay Ridge girl who, if you were extra lucky, you might run into while grabbing some Peppino’s or running to the shops to grab some groceries. Home, as I’ve talked about before, is a strange and abstract concept that is always taking on new meanings and feelings, but the love that I feel here is unmatched to anywhere else I’ve felt in the world.

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