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I can remember when I was 19 years old and left home for the first time to move to Florence, Italy to study abroad. My stomach was doing flips as my Dad drove me to John F. Kennedy airport (still my favorite airport in NYC) for an experience that would change my life.

I sat in the passenger seat crying, begging for my dad to turn the car around. I remember saying, “This was a mistake. What am I even doing? I don’t want to go anymore.” Of course he was a very typical Dad about it, having very little sympathy for my tears, fears and pleads to take me back home.

When we arrived at the airport, he grabbed two colossal red suitcases that I used to unnecessarily pack everything I own and put them beside us on the curb. He simply gave me a hug, the kind that says everything that words can’t and whispered, “Have fun, kid.”

Turns out, I did more than just have fun. I discovered a passion and love for a life I had not planned for. I felt alive for the first time in ways I never had before. It was like there was this natural and mutual friendship that had been waiting to flourish between me and traveling.

Since that first trip back in 2007, I have lived in five different countries and traveled to 33 countries across four continents. I’ve canyon jumped in Switzerland, scuba dived with sharks in Malaysia, slept on the road in Cambodia, had my photo appear on the front page of a newspaper in India, lived off gelato in Italy, watched my brother score his first World Cup Rugby try from a bar in Laos, fell in love in Australia, taught English in Korea, drank snake blood in the mountains of China.

My goal is to become a foreign correspondent and cover human-interest pieces, and I am taking all the adventures I can along the way to get me there.

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8 comments on “About Me

  1. OMG I’ve also travelled to 33 countries! How ’bout that?!! Thanks for sharing your travel tales. I know you probably get this a lot…but I’m truly living vicariously through you! So from one fellow traveller to another, keep on exploring’

    • Hey, Ailene!
      Crazy! Do you have a favorite? Indonesia is mine. Easily! It is my pleasure to share my adventures, and thank you so much for your support and for following me along the way. I will most definitely keep exploring – and who knows, maybe we will cross paths one day! Thanks again, Ailene :) x

  2. Hey Alexandra! I loved your article in Elite Daily about the concept of Home. I have also felt at home all over the world; Bangkok, Bali, Kathmandu, Darjeeling, Lisbon, Rio, and thinking of returning to these homes gives me something to look forward to. It’s wonderful to feel at home everywhere you go, the world feels smaller. I’m least excited about returning to the “home” of my parents’ house before hitting the road again! Can’t wait to check out more of your writing! Cheers :)

    • Thanks so much, Lavi! I am happy to hear you liked the article. It was a piece I really wrote from the heart :) I hope you have a great trip “home” to see your parents, and I hope you have just as amazing trip at “home” once you hit the road again. X

  3. Hi Alexandra,

    I just wanted to say it is really interesting to hear your stories and see your journey’s as a female travel blogger.
    I’ve traveled a bit this year for conferences, but I’m very interested to learn more about how I can get started on traveling and working around the world.
    I have a few questions I’m hoping you can help me with:
    1) How do I get started? Such as where do you find resources, perfect places that fit you, etc.
    2) Finances- what tips would you give to someone who is a student and doesn’t have much. As well have you had the experience of working internationally, and how do you keep money stable and coming to you while traveling? I’ve had the experience of going broke while I was on a trip, so I want to know how you can keep yourself in the green zone.



    • Hey, Veronica!
      Sorry for the delay in my response! I will definitely be writing an article soon that addresses those particular questions as I have received many similar questions from readers! It is definitely hard not to run out of money (one of the other reasons I moved back to New York!), but there are plenty of ways to keep yourself out on the road. Thanks for your comment, Veronica, and thanks for your support!

  4. Hey Alexandra!

    Planning for a Bangkok trip. I read you articles on Elite Daily. Loved them.

    Any information about good websites with good deals will be appreciated.
    If you have an itinery to share so that I don’t miss out the nearby places will also be helpful.

    Frankly speaking… I want to visit an International destination for this new year. So need your advice on the destination as I am a solo traveler with minimum budjet :)

    Cheers…Keep up the work you’re doing.

    • How long will you be in Bangkok for? There is so much to do there! You need to go to the weekend market. I will be publishing some advice on Bangkok in the coming weeks, so be sure to look out for them!

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