Photo Contest Week 2

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I feel like I have sort of gone through an awakening in a way in the past few weeks, completely shedding old skin that was doing nothing for me and acting as a protective layer for being alone.

In my photos this week, I wanted to convey a sense of place, because I feel like at the moment I am trying to figure out just that.

The landscapes are all different, yet in each photo you cannot see or identify the person. I like the mystery behind that, because as cheesy as it sounds, the adventure that lies ahead is a mysterious one, and eventually I will figure out exactly where it is that I belong.

I like the idea of trying to pick photos that stick to a certain theme, because I have always dreamed of doing a sort of photo essay at some point in the future as I grow as as a photographer. Maybe this is a good way to build up to that.

Photo A

New York City, Times Square. iPhone photo

Photo B

IMG_7478New Zealand, Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula. Taken with my Canon 600D

Photo C

Nepal 1Nepal, Himalayas.  Taken with my Canon 600D

Do you like any of these photos?
Which is your favorite, and why?

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