The Sydney Siege

When I moved back home and would talk to people about Sydney, they would ask me what about Sydney made me consider living my life there or still yearn to live there. My answer was always the same: Not only is Sydney beautiful and clean, but — aside from the spiders of course —it is an incredibly safe and family-friendly city.

Images of Sydney have been all over the news the past couple of days due to the Sydney siege, the 16-hour siege led by one wicked man that took place inside a city cafe and ended with the death of two civilians as police raided the cafe and killed the gunman. Lydia, my best friend who is visiting from Australia, and I sat watching the TV in shock, messaging friends who were telling us that they were quite scared and being evacuated from work. Was this really happening in Sydney? I always thought its isolated location sort of took it off the radar for any such act or actions, making it an untouchable and out of harm’s way.

I am saddened by what happened and saddened to think that Sydney — a city I once called home — was under such an attack. The Sydney siege rocked the nation, and it was a grief that was definitely felt around the world.

Sydney, you are in my heart now and always.1091554_702814199288_1867177945_n-3

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