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Shitbox Rally| When a New Yorker Meets Outback Australia


“We are going 100 km per hour down the Gibb River Road in a 1994 (Holden) Commodore. Keep a note of that, because of a lot of people would think that is absolutely nuts,” Renee said.

I dutifully write down her words: 100 km/h. Gibb River Road. Absolutely nuts.

But Renee and I weren’t in it alone.  In it with us was the six other cars in our group and the 243 other cars participating in the Shitbox Rally.

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Back to Australia

photo 1

I was nervous. My friends warned me that going back to Australia wasn’t going to be easy or hassle-free, and that I was going to get questioned.

So when I slipped my passport through to the immigration agent, who then waved on another immigration agent, I knew that the hour had come.

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Favorite Photos

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I write this post from a point in time where I am emotionally preparing myself for a good bye that has been looming for quite some time now.

I felt that it would only be right to pay a tribute to moments in time that made me grateful for a place that will always have my a piece of my heart. The theme I tried to create this week is reflective of just that – those moments that felt private, those moments when the city wasn’t rough and ugly and crowded.

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Going back to Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

I recently sent out a message saying that I would be heading back to Australia, and it has sparked a lot of interest and messages of people demanding I spill the beans immediately.

It all came to fruition a couple of weeks ago back in the North Island when I met this guy from Australia and continued to travel on together with him for a few weeks…

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Dear Sydney


Dear Sydney,

It is almost 5 a.m., and I am leaving for the airport in just a few hours. I find myself leaving last minute bits and pieces behind, convinced that I will be home at the end of my holidays to retrieve and organise the scattered articles of my life that I left behind for just a moment in time.

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