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Reflecting on Four Years of Travel


Four years ago today, my father was rushing like a madman to get me to the right airline terminal at JFK airport so that I could catch my flight to South Korea. I had accidentally told him the wrong airline, only to check in and find out about 20 minutes later that I was in fact in the completely wrong terminal.

Upon checking in to the right terminal, I learned that my suitcase was about five pounds overweight. “But I am moving away for a year,” I told the woman at the counter, my New York attitude huffing and puffing at the counter. She didn’t even bat an eye. This woman did not care in the slightest, and she simply asked that I step aside, re-arrange my bag and come back when I was ready.

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The Shitbox Rally: What I learned


I’m driving along the red, parched earth of the Australian Outback that I know is teeming with deadly snakes, dangerous spiders and apparently some mysterious species of bear called a drop bear that learnt about moments before starting the engine. I’m wondering, how did I find myself in this situation?

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My Top Five New Zealand Hostels


My travels throughout Asia saw me sleeping in dollar dorm beds that sometimes would offer me views of worldly gems like the Himalayas right from my window and other times would offer me chances of contracting some type of hideous disease or virus. It was always hit or miss, but nonetheless I never paid more than say 7 dollars for a bed (though in Bangkok I was a flash packer and paid around 14).

I knew going into New Zealand that my trip was going to be expensive despite any help or benefits that came my way through work opportunities, but an average price of 27 dollar dorm beds every night became ludicrous and downright frustrating.

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Exploring Franz Josef Glacier by Land, Air and Sea – Part 1

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Local Maori legend tells us of a young woman by the name of Hinehukatere whose greatest passion in life was climbing mountains. Hine was absolutely crazy about climbing, and then one day she met Wawe.

The two fell in love, but Wawe did not share Hine’s love for climbing. Hine so badly wanted to share her passion for climbing with Wawe, and so one day she persuaded Wawe to go climbing with her. Tuawe was not nearly as skilled or experienced a climber as Hine, but he agreed and followed her into the mountains.

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Travel Quotes Thursday

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I have three full days left in Sydney.


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