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Where to stay in Ubud | Alam Indah Resort

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This is what I imagined Bali to be like, I thought to myself as I watched the sunny streets transform into a long shaded drive as we drove down the sheltered pathway leading to the Alam Indah Resorts in the infamous Ubud.

Ubud in itself is considered a retreat for so many – a refuge from the craziness that clutters that streets of Seminyak and Kuta. And though this small town can still feel a bit hectic and touristic, it is possible to find a hideaway like the kind that can be found at Alam Indah Resorts.

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Climbing Mount Rinjani: Day 2

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You can read Part I on my Climbing Mount Rinjani Series here.

I have never been so cold in my life as my first night sleeping on Rinjani (yes, it was even colder than that time I slept in a truck in a snowstorm in Tasmania). There was a wicked chill in the air when we woke up, the kind that lets you know that winter is on its way.

Yet as the sun reared its head, the clouds dispersed to reveal a beautiful valley of sun-kissed green hills playfully sloping around us and giving way to an expanse of land that dropped below.

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Darjeeling, India: Alex’s Sunday Snapshots

 [NoteAlex's Sunday Snapshots is a new weekly feature that will appear on The Write Way Around. I'll be bringing you photos from my travels around the world, as well as cities and countries I'm absolutely itching to travel to. This week I'm taking you to Darjeeling, India.]

Given my last post about my one of my travel photos being shared on Twitter, I decided to make my Sunday Snapshots feature about Darjeeling, the hillside station in India just opposite the border from Nepal that was mine and Molly’s first introduction into the months we’d be spending there.

Darjeeling, India, is a famous hillside station

India’s famous hillside station, Darjeeling is a place not to be missed in India.

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ReTweets of my twitter travel photos!

I awoke to a beautiful, crisp and sunny Saturday morning in Sydney that only fall could bring. What made it all even better was that my twitter travel photos got some retweets (yup, I said it) from non-other than Lonely Planet and The Lost Girls.

Twitter travel photos

My twitter travel photos of Mount Kanchenjunga from the rooftop of my hostel in Darjeeling, India.

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