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Favorite Photos

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I write this post from a point in time where I am emotionally preparing myself for a good bye that has been looming for quite some time now.

I felt that it would only be right to pay a tribute to moments in time that made me grateful for a place that will always have my a piece of my heart. The theme I tried to create this week is reflective of just that – those moments that felt private, those moments when the city wasn’t rough and ugly and crowded.

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Florence, Italy: Alex’s Sunday Snapshots

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 [Note: Alex's Sunday Snapshots is a new weekly feature that will appear on The Write Way Around. I'll be bringing you photos from my travels around the world, as well as cities and countries I'm absolutely itching to travel to. This week I'm taking you to Florence, Italy.]

I’m starting over this travel blog from the ground up (I’m SO not tech savvy!), so there is no better place or city to start with than the beautiful Florence, Italy, a city tucked into the rolling hills of Tuscany where my addiction to traveling began.

The Ponte Vecchio by night.

The Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy, at sunset.
My amateur shot of this famous bridge in 2007.

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