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     One day, I want to publish a memoir about my life and travels. In the meantime, I want to continue pursuing my journalism career where ever it may take me.

To see where my journalism career has taken me, check out this resume I made using Google Maps.


November 2014, What A Buck Buys You Around the World, The Daily Meal

November 2014, 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World, The Daily Meal

October 2014, How to Piss Off a Brooklyn Native, Matador Network

October 2014, Snake Heart and Other Foods for the Daring Traveler, The Daily Meal

September 2014 Living the Dream: How Traveling Truly Becomes Your Most Treasured ExperienceElite Daily

July 2014 What Actually Happens to a Traveler’s Identity When She Stops Traveling, Elite Daily

June 2014 – How ‘Home’ Turns Into More Of A Feeling Than A Place As You Travel, Elite Daily.

June 2014 – The Eight Types of Guys You’ll Fall For While Traveling Across The World, Elite Daily

June 2014 – 10 Different Types Of Interesting Travelers You’ll Meet Along Your Adventures, Elite Daily

June 2014 – Dear Australia, Elite Daily

May 2014 – Swimming with Dolphins in Kaikoura, Viator

May 2014 – Restaurants Around The World Reach New Heights, Lifestyle Mirror

February 2014 – Fluffing up menus with new breakfast trendsHospitality Magazine

February 2014 – Brooklyn Boys Bagel rolls out to Bondi for its B-day, Hospitality Magazine 

Jan. 2014 – Spend the day with a tattoo artist [VIDEO]The Sydney Morning Herald

Jan. 2014 – Hotel Review: Adina Apartments Coogee BeachEscape Lounge

Nov. 2013 – Vietnam by Bike, Travel Weekly

Aug. 2013 – Interview: Franz Ferdinand are telling it like it isTNT Downunder

May 2013 – Studying Abroad: The Perks and Joys of Studying in a Foreign Country, TNT Downunder

May 2013 - Introducing New York’s Latest Craze: the ‘cronut’, Hospitality Magazine

April 2013 – Sydney Bridge Climb Plays Host to a Bunch of ComediansTNT Downunder

March 2013 – The Thrill of the RaceTNT Downdunder

March 2013 – New York mixologist Richard Boccato talks tiki, trends and ice cubes, Hospitality Magazine

April 2011 – Cape Cod pet-friendly hotels on the increase, OnCape

July 2010 - Family Fun: Children’s Activities at Cape Cod HotelsOnCape

July 2010 – Couch surfing across the world, Cape Cod Times Online

July 2010 – Traveling from New York to Nevada, Cape Cod Times

July 2010 – Siobhan Magnus rocks out at homeCape Cod Times

July 2010 – Cape diversity celebratedCape Cod Times

July 2010 – Monster Shark Tournament Cape Cod Times Online

June 2009 – Majestic Peaks Attract Adventurers WorldwideChina Daily

May 2009 – Mexican succumb to seductions of carbs, sugar, fatMcClatchy 

May 2009 – Blend of Music, dance, martial arts takes hold in Mexico, McClatchy


Jan. 2014 - Spend the day with a tattoo artist [VIDEO]The Sydney Morning Herald

July 2010 - Monster Shark Tournament [VIDEO] Cape Cod Times Online

July 2010 – Siobhan Magnus sings in Massachusetts [VIDEO], Cape Cod Times Online

July 2010 – Couchsurfing across the world [Video] Cape Cod Times Online

July 2010 - Monster Shark Tournament  Cape Cod Times Online

July 2010 - Banshee Bungee [VIDEO], Cape Cod Time Online

June 2010 - Safe in a Lonely Place [VIDEO]Dow Jones News Fund

2 comments on “Contact / Published Work

  1. I liked your article about how to piss off a Brooklyn native. I write feature interviews with successful Brooklyn natives now living in Florida and where ever my research can locate a Brooklyn native. The Interviews are published in the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper and I then post them on the blog site listed above.

    I write about their current success of course, but also feature their Brooklyn backgrounds. It’s interesting for many reasons but off the top of my head I just interviewed someone who created a Fortune 500 company but who grew up in one of the worst places to grow up in Brooklyn during the 1940s and 50s.

    A lot of the people I interview are of course descendants of earlier European immigrants but I noticed you made a point about the presumption regarding “Brooklyn” Brooklyn natives and the “where are you really from?”
    kind of thinking.

    One interview was with a Business Travel Writer (Brooklyn Native)( an older generation than yourself but I think it would be fascinating (to say the least) to get the perspective from someone from a younger generation who is a Brooklyn native AND who travels the world AND who is acutely aware and proud of their, how shall I say, through and through Brooklyn identity.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Palmer Hasty

    • Hi there! So sorry for the delay in my response. My computer has been out of action. I would definitely love to chat more with you about this if you are still interested. do you have an email where I can reach you? Thanks, Palmer!

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