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Shitbox Rally| When a New Yorker Meets Outback Australia


“We are going 100 km per hour down the Gibb River Road in a 1994 (Holden) Commodore. Keep a note of that, because of a lot of people would think that is absolutely nuts,” Renee said.

I dutifully write down her words: 100 km/h. Gibb River Road. Absolutely nuts.

But Renee and I weren’t in it alone.  In it with us was the six other cars in our group and the 243 other cars participating in the Shitbox Rally.

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Dear Indonesia


Dear Indonesia,

Tag, you’re it.

One of the hardest questions that travelers can be asked is, “What’s your favorite country?”.  It often sends our brains scrambling while an immediate, knee-jerk response like, “Ooooooh that’s a difficult one”, fills the quiet void that question created.

For me, the answer is you.

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6 Week Itinerary in Indonesia

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I remember including Indonesia on my itinerary when I had my first long holiday while working in Korea. I planned to do Malaysia and Indonesia – two places that seemed so exotic and so off the map I could not wait to get my hands on them.

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Dear New Zealand

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Dear New Zealand,

I had such a hard time writing this letter, because I did not want it to come across the wrong way.

Please do not misunderstand me – you were the most beautiful of beautiful places I have ever been to.

Six countries smashed into one. That is the best way to describe the diversity, the purity, the bliss that you are.

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10 Things Travelers Need to Know about New Zealand

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New Zealand. It is a country that is sweet as, ‘ey.

Here are 10 interesting (and random) facts I collected throughout my five weeks traveling the country.

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