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Reflecting on Four Years of Travel


Four years ago today, my father was rushing like a madman to get me to the right airline terminal at JFK airport so that I could catch my flight to South Korea. I had accidentally told him the wrong airline, only to check in and find out about 20 minutes later that I was in fact in the completely wrong terminal.

Upon checking in to the right terminal, I learned that my suitcase was about five pounds overweight. “But I am moving away for a year,” I told the woman at the counter, my New York attitude huffing and puffing with each word. She didn’t even bat an eye. This woman did not care in the slightest, and she simply asked that I step aside, re-arrange my bag and come back when I was ready.

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Back to Australia

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I was nervous. My friends warned me that going back to Australia wasn’t going to be easy or hassle-free, and that I was going to get questioned.

So when I slipped my passport through to the immigration agent, who then waved on another immigration agent, I knew that the hour had come.

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Where to stay in Ubud | Alam Indah Resort

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This is what I imagined Bali to be like, I thought to myself as I watched the sunny streets transform into a long shaded drive as we drove down the sheltered pathway leading to the Alam Indah Resorts in the infamous Ubud.

Ubud in itself is considered a retreat for so many – a refuge from the craziness that clutters that streets of Seminyak and Kuta. And though this small town can still feel a bit hectic and touristic, it is possible to find a hideaway like the kind that can be found at Alam Indah Resorts.

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Scenes from An Indonesian Wedding

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One of the most exciting invitations when you are traveling are those that really make you a part of the culture, a spur of the moment activity that you seize the chance to get involved with and perhaps step outside your comfort zone (if you even have one anymore after years of traveling).

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Traditional villages and hot springs in Bajawa, Flores

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In the early morning hours, just before dawn started awake from its slumber, it was like I was running for my life, as if I was illegally crossing or fleeing a border.

It all happened so fast: The bus zipping through the street, the men hanging from its door screaming out “Bajawa bajawa bajawa” the way people would hastily cheer for their favored horse during a horse race.

Bajawa! I yelled back, and we made a run for it. The two men lept from the bus, one grabbing my bag and throwing it on board, the other herding us onto the bus the cattle.

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