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Favorite Photos

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I write this post from a point in time where I am emotionally preparing myself for a good bye that has been looming for quite some time now.

I felt that it would only be right to pay a tribute to moments in time that made me grateful for a place that will always have my a piece of my heart. The theme I tried to create this week is reflective of just that – those moments that felt private, those moments when the city wasn’t rough and ugly and crowded.

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Photo Contest Week 2

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I feel like I have sort of gone through an awakening in a way in the past few weeks, completely shedding old skin that was doing nothing for me and acting as a protective layer for being alone.

In my photos this week, I wanted to convey a sense of place, because I feel like at the moment I am trying to figure out just that.

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Weekly Photo Contest

When I was in my first year of university, I watched a documentary called War Photographer. The film chronicles and follows the career of James Nacthwey, an American photographer who is considered to be one of the best war photographers out there.

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